Album Review: Cornelia Murr – Lake Tear Of The Clouds

Incorporating elements of folk, lo-fi, and dream pop, Cornelia Murr arrives hot on the scene with her debut LP, Lake Tear Of The Clouds. In the wake of artists like Frankie Cosmos, Japanese Breakfast, and Girlpool, it’s becoming clear that the “soft girl” is gaining traction in the independent music scene, and for good reason. Murr’s record vibrates with a candid nostalgia without compromising its integrity as a piece of contemporary work.

Though the record feels monotonous at times due to the floaty quality of her voice as well as her use of dreamy synths, the clever lyrics and unexpectedly danceable beats – especially in Man On My Mind – keep the record demanding your attention throughout. And with more experimental sounding tracks like Cicada, Murr is able to use the confines of the genres she’s tackled while simultaneously finding ways to subvert expectations and create a masterful dichotomy of clarity and innovation.

Aside from Cicada (a personal favorite), the standout track of this album is Billions, a song that evokes a similar feeling as Beach House’s Teen Dream, coupled with the lyrical quality of someone like Adult Mom.

As a debut LP, this is an excellent listen. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this young artist.

Annelise Lipowitz


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