Album Review: Cocos Lovers – Elephant Lands

Released last month, the new album from Cocos Lovers, Elephant Lands, really is a beautiful piece of music. The first and title track sets the mood for the album – with its rich harmonies, cheery beats and of course the lovely flute (of which one can never have too much!) The whole album is greatly influenced by African music, which is also conveyed in the title and album artwork; but the African imagery and sounds, mixed with the English folk, gives the album a really warm and ‘full-of-life’ feel.
The one thing I would warn you guys of, in regards to this album, is that it may instill in you a sense of adventure! It really is the perfect soundtrack for taking off, ignoring a busy schedule and going out to discover a new world. I genuinely did go on a mini adventure after listening to this (but don’t worry guys, I was back in time for tea!)
Anyway, back to the music! The Deal (Kent) based 8 piece manage this incredible depth of music and vocals throughout the record –  their accapella song for example, Days are Long, offers a really beautiful, almost palette cleanser, to appreciate more the delicious recipe of sounds in the rest of Elephant Lands songs.
Basically this album has the Robyn (and TFFT) seal of approval!
Cocos Lovers are playing Smugglers Festival (2-4th September) in Kent, with Will Varley and an array of other lovely bands. Tickets are still available, so if you get a chance, head down to that!


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