Album Review: Chris Stapleton – From A Room: Volume 1

It’s been two years since the massive success of Chris Stapleton’s first album Traveler and we’ve all been yearning for more music from the country and soul heavy weight. Luckily, Stapleton returns today with his second album From A Room: Volume 1. It’s also fantastic to know that a second volume will be coming soon, because his voice is in fine form here, creating bluesy-rock songs that cross genres and that all generations will love.

With only nine songs, Stapleton delivers tons of emotion – opening with the spiritual mid-tempo vocal showcase in Broken Halos, followed by the only cover on the album, Willie Nelson’s Last Thing I Needed, First Thing In The Morning. Stapleton reached widespread critical praise for a cover of legendary track Tennessee Whisky on his previous album, and this one is a beautiful and rather depressing ballad – quite the opposite of the George Jones track last time.

Exploring different styles, Stapleton delivers an energetic electric country rock song in the form of Second One To Know, followed by a very classic country tune in Up To No Good Livin’. However, he saves perhaps his best vocals for the haunting relationship ballad Either Way – very much a stand out track on the album.

From a Room: Volume 1 also features numerous straight up blues songs that we’ve come to love from this country-soul genius, including I Was Wrong – destined to be a big hit. Later in the album, Chris delivers a humorous pot-smoking bluesy tune called Them Stems…I’m guessing he and Willie will duet this at some point! And closing out the short album is a dark and heavy blues song called Death Row, with predictable subject matter as the title suggests.

I am huge fan of Chris Stapleton and this album truly delivers. As you can see, I commented on most every song contained on the EP. Though the songs vary in style and theme, the one consistency in the album is the amazing vocals of Mr. Stapleton. He truly solidifies his status as a country-blues star and I very much look forward to Volume 2.

Jake Krickhan


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