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C Duncan is about to release his debut album Architect, showing his ever growing passion and talent for music. With many singles already out there, this record showcases a new genre. With C Duncan’s love for folk music and electronic music, it is apparent he has tried to put this love into his own work.

Architect was recorded in Duncan’s own house. On speaking with Thank Folk For That, Duncan said, ‘It was really good to do. There were no time constraints or financial constraints, I didn’t need to book time in the studio which allowed me to record it over a year using what I  had in the house.’

Duncan said his favourite song on the album is Garden. ‘It’s an upbeat, fun song full of chorus parts with lots of layered voices.’ Garden displays the mix of folk and electronic production, with the layered vocals not being overshadowed by the instrumentals, creating a haunted atmosphere, yet delivering that perfect Summer song.

Here To There is the next single from Duncan. ‘It’s upbeat and a bit different to other singles, whilst being really Summery. Others have been really reflective and I tried to deliver something a bit more up-tempo.’ This song highlights the beautiful tones from Duncan within his vocal ability.

This album does portray the excellent thought process Duncan makes within his music. All songs do tell a story showing his lyrical ability, and it perfectly slots into the aimed genre of folk and electronic. Title-track Architect is an excellent song portraying his musical abilities, juxtaposed with his lyrical and vocal abilities. Other standout songs are Say and He Believes In Miracles – all highlighting the beauty of this album.

There is a lot in store for C Duncan this year, with shows and festival slots coming up soon in support of this incredible and Summery debut album, released today.

Rachel Allman


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