Album Review: Bryde – Like An Island

Bryde’s mesmerizing voice not only captures the hearts of her listeners, but also displays versatility throughout her album Like An Island, which teeters on the line between rock and indie. Beautifully intentional lyrically, this record, at times potent and others calm, examines pain and resilience, and is transparent about how the two must work in cohesion with each other without shame. Bryde undoubtedly is unafraid to be vulnerable through her music, whether about relationships or personal struggles, making Like An Island an important body of work for this passionate artist.

To Be Brave and Desire are two tracks that make reference to mental hardships we face and how we typically respond to them in our everyday lives. With lyrics like, “These are the screenshots, this is the vision we lived / To keep on smiling, to keep on smiling through it / When you’ve got nothing, when you’ve got nothing to give / Turn up the filter, don’t admit it”, To Be Brave emphasizes our common behavior of putting on a brave exterior whilst experiencing personal hardships that deserve care and acknowledgement, rather than suppression. Desire, its meaning summed up by the line,“We tie ourselves up and we tear ourselves down for desire”, is more so about the influence society has on our actions to meet inauthentic and unrealistic expectations.

Bryde’s tone and voice inflections in Transparent are so elegantly captivating, and drastically differs from the nostalgically grungy tunes that precede it, with more of an organic feel that accentuates the angelic facet of her voice. If Alanis Morissette and Jewel wrote a lullaby together, it may sound something like this.

The delicacy of Bryde’s vocals works perfectly in accordance with minimal instrumentals or heavy electric guitars, and first time listeners will be enamoured with her sound straight away, whether she is in a whisper or singing angstily. The singer-songwriter has a newfound attitude that shines brightly in this solo project, and it’s always refreshing to see the rise of a strong indie female artist.

Julia Kwan


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