Album Review: Bruce Hornsby – Non-Secure Connection

Bruce Hornsby is one of the alive and thriving legendary musicians that still pumps out hit after hit. His electric piano playing and masterful approach to songwriting are two key reasons why his music remains popular.

The new album Non-Secure Connection begins with the beautiful, meditative ‘Cleopatra Drones’. The song is an exhibit of peaceful vocal harmonies and unique piano riffs. The next two tracks ‘Time, The Thief’ and the title track ‘Non-Secure Connection’ show major vocal-focused experimental psychedelic styles.

The experimental style of vocal-focused eccentric melodies and effects continues on the next song ‘The Rat King’. The album finally gets its first bit of pop rock on the following track ‘My Resolve’ and features James Mercer from the indie alternative band The Shins.

On ‘Bright Star Cast’ we begin to hear elements of dance over the main themed heavily studio effected vocals. ‘Shit’s Crazy Out Here’ doesn’t need any explanation as its free flowing arrangement perfectly mirrors the title of the song. On ‘Anything Can Happen’, the music pics up with jazz funk themes and guest vocals by rock legend Leon Russell. The highlights from this song are the jazzy bass grooves and vocal harmonies in the chorus.

‘Porn Hour’ begins with free jazz piano riff that turns into a silly song about adult entertainment on the internet. The album goes out with a banger that is definitely the most classic Hornsby tune on the entire album. Even though it may be more experimental than his other, it is certainly worth giving this album a spin.

Scott J. Herman