Album Review: Bombay Bicycle Club – Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

When Bombay Bicycle Club announced their hiatus, it was hard to believe there’d be no more new music from this beloved and celebrated indie rock band, young and seemingly in their prime. Forward 5 years later and Everything Else Has Gone Wrong brings a refreshingly new energy — a mature sound manifested in time spent apart, musically diverse minds combining forces once again, and a newfound appreciation for making music together.

The album kicks off with its crescendo-ing opener, ‘Get Up’. Title track ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’ encapsulates the emotion of the entire album precisely. With lyrics like, “I guess I’ve found my peace again, and yes, I found my second wind” ringing as its anthem, it’s an effervescent song about remaining confident and hopeful about what makes you feel alive, and forgetting about the negative stuff you can’t control. ‘Good Day’ is a highlight of the album with a message of seizing the day and not idly letting life pass you by. It’s a different sound than what we’re used to from the band — a glowing example of chill, indie pop at its finest.

‘Do You Feel Loved’ is an upbeat track about society’s dependence on technology, affirming “electric waves will wash your doubts away”. The lyrics allude to feelings of illusion and isolation, rather than love, brought on by our unhealthy obsession with social media. The album concludes with Racing Stripes, blanketed in tranquillity and lofty organ and string samples.

Everything Else Has Gone Wrong is the most emotionally mature album released by Bombay Bicycle Club. While this record is more subdued than the others, it’s still awash with texture and layered beats that prove time can be a positive catalyst for revival. When everything else has gone wrong, we can rest easy knowing that these guys have our backs with the good tunes.

Julia Kwan


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