Album Review: Basia Bulat – Good Advice

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From the very first pipe organ tones on Basia Bulat’s new album Good Advice, listeners know they are in for a very unique indie-folk-pop adventure. The first song La La Lie has every element of a radio hit with catchy hooks as the most revealing characteristic. This strong opening tune categorizes Basia as an up and coming pop goddess.

As the album continues, listeners may feel that they are listening to an 80’s movie soundtrack, as the upbeat, jumpy drums of Long Goodbye (which could easily be adapted into the Breakfast Club remake) excite fans for the hypnotizing studio effects that drive the next song Let Me In. Basia’s airy, soul vocal power channels Monica Martin of the band Phox.

Track five begins the chill checkpoint of this record as Basia turns down the metronome for Time. The slower tempo gives listeners a chance to hone in on Basia’s soothing, vibrant voice. The next song starts in a similar way, but as the drums build Basia gets some Good Advice from her supporting band as the bass grooves and succinct drums provide the foundation for her vocal prowess.

The momentum on the record perks up again for the seventh song Infamous as the bass groove and drums blast off. The memorable chorus on this track makes it a radio hit contender like the first song on the album. My favorite three songs on this record are tracks six, seven and eight and you are no Fool is you get lost in wonderment of Basia’s ability to hold out the “ooooo” on track eight. It gets me every time and also gives Basia a third radio hit contender from only one album. Good Advice will definitely be a hot topic of conversation in the indie-folk-pop world this year.

Scott J. Herman


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