Album Review: Andy Jenkins – Sweet Bunch

Andy Jenkins has come out of the shadows and made his way into the Spacebomb new-artist spotlight. His debut album Sweet Bunch is a truly special collection of nine songs, which keep listeners intrigued from start to finish. This new artist is about to receive a massive following after the soulful melodies throughout Sweet Bunch resonate with fans.

The first song Hazel Woods begins with a minute of building studio effects, which sets the mood for the exciting beat drop. Jenkins’ skill for song-structure and melody are immediately heard within the grooves of this first song, which sets the expectations high for the rest of the album. Curve Of Love is definitely one of the album highlights throughout the entire record with its edgy, guitar riffs and catchy, sing-a-long melody and lyrics. The musical highlights on this song feature a distorted, engine raging guitar effect, as well as sharp, bold backing piano cords played by Phil Cook.

The upbeat positive vibes of Sweet Bunch continues with song three, Genuine Heart. The opening hook is sure to keep fans interested, as Jenkins displays his master songwriting skills one again. The bouncing keyboard chords throughout the verse keep the pulse of the song entertaining as well as provide a perfect complement to the lyrics and vocal melody. The piano solo halfway through the song displays the fine skills and technique of Phil Cook.

Ascendant Hog displays more of Jenkins’ songwriting and melodic genius. With a simple chord progression, each basic instrument part colors the fullness of the song that continues the raging energy of the album. The title track of the album, Sweet Bunch, brings the funk and soul that many Spacebomb records contain. The first verse is led by none other than Matthew E. White, the founder and creative director of Spacebomb records.

Song six White Linen displays another guitar-driven track that shows more of Jenkins songwriting skills. With a grooving pre-chorus, the transitions between the sections of the song are smooth and exciting. There’s a special groove and beat in these Spacebomb hooks that make them stand out distinctly amongst other productions. This particularly evident on Illuminated – another funky-soul groove that has Spacebomb productions written all over it. The breakdown on this song is a highlight as the bouncy piano chords create a dance floor vibe. The next song Get Together is the most poppy, radio hit single of all of the tracks on the album. With a fast paced groove and looping rhythm guitar, the song remains catchy and captures the full attention of listeners.

The final track, Song For Me, is the perfect ending to a breakout album for a new artist. With more sing-a-long, upbeat grooves, this song will leave fans eagerly-waiting for whatever comes next from this Spacebomb Records’ breakout artist

Scott J. Herman


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