After The Flood – Pt. 1

As you will know, Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast of America with tremendous force this week, causing unimaginable devastation and ruining the lives of many. Some areas however, feel that they have been ignored…that the TV cameras are concentrating on the likes of NYC, whilst the homes and livelihoods of many outside the city are destroyed.
However, singer-songwriter Martin Rivas is out to help.
The man from New York has taken it upon himself to round up a host of unbelievably talented musicians, in order to create a huge compilation to benefit upstate New York victims of Hurricane Irene.
About the album, Rivas stated, ‘It would be pretty awesome to let these people and towns know that the big, attention-grabbing city at the bottom of the state map contains people who care deeply about what’s happening up there.’
The list of contributors is sensational and includes the likes of Sierra Noble, Allie Moss, Ari Hest, Greg Holden, Will Knox…plus many, many more. 
The album will be a digital-only release and will be available from Sept 2nd at
Bandcamp has also lowered their commission for this release so that more money will make it quickly to the people who desperately need it to recover from these heart-crushingly devastating floods.
And all proceeds will go to directly to the North East New York State Chapter of the Red Cross, plus the Schoharie County Community Action Program.
For more info, click HERE, and look out for our next post, which will be an interview with Martin Rivas himself.
It would be wonderful if you could get involved and purchase the After The Flood album, helping out those in the States who have had their lives turned upside down by Hurricane Irene….thank you for your support.


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