A Day And A Night With: The Wandering Hearts – Coffee House Sessions

‘Engaging [students] in a conversation about the importance of live music,’ is the campaign of this year’s Coffee House Sessions and one of the acts of this year’s ‘tour’ was The Wandering Hearts, who rounded off their 20 pop-up gigs in the North East of England at Newcastle and Northumbria University, with Thank Folk For That tagging along.

To many, The Wandering Hearts seem to have come from nowhere but it has been two years of hard work after chance meetings of Tim and Tara at a gig and AJ and Chess through mutual friends, and all through the love of music – different bands, theatre and even teaching. Something instantly gelled between this four-piece and within 30 minutes of uploading a demo from their second rehearsal, a label discovered them, and a record deal with Decca soon followed. With strong comparisons to First Aid Kit and The Civil Wars it led to them opening at this year’s British Summertime At Hyde Park where Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty headlined, who are also major influences.

Spending the afternoon with The Wandering Hearts you instantly feel welcome and feel the bond between them. A very down-to-earth quartet who are naturally engaging and more so when they bring the harmonies together. It sounds so effortless. It is no wonder the students are engaging with these pop-up gigs, with their headphones off and simply listening. It is also no wonder they are receiving high praise from the industry and sold out their recent headline show at London’s Borderline off the back of a successful support slot with country music great Marty Stuart. They are also about to support Amy MacDonald on her two sold out Glasgow gigs, and if that wasn’t enough, as they were in the thick of the Coffee House Sessions they had to dash back to London from Liverpool, to pick up their award for the Bob Harris Emerging Artist Award from the Americana Music Association UK.

Hard work has definitely paid off for The Wandering Hearts and chance meetings have been in their favour with amazing support slots and an industry award under their belt. A debut album is set for release in the Spring/Summer of 2018 and their third single is coming on the 17th November. It’s fair to say, The Wandering Hearts are on their way to sell-out more shows and become one of the acts of 2018.

Now check out our images from the day’s shenanigans with The Wandering Hearts…

Words & Images by Victoria Ling


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